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What are your strengths and weaknesses

What are your strengths and weaknesses? HR Interview Tips

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What Would Be Your Strengths And Weaknesses, Following are some Answers, Have a look!

People wonder these days, and thinking what to answer when HR ask What are your strengths and weaknesses.

Strength is ready to learn new thing I like to solve the hard works and I’m not a lazy boy and my weakness is I never feel much comfortable until finish my work.

My strength is I have full confidence, I am a hard worker, I’m very much self motivated and my weaknesses is I easy trust people and I will never say no if I know something that is looking for.

My strengths is I am hardworking and self confidence. My weakness is I can trust easily.

My strength is I’m a good listener and I’m a friendly nature so I can easily adapt any situation easily I’m also good in communication.

My weakness is I easily trust in people and I never say No if anybody ask help!

My strengths are : I’m a confident person, I trust in what I have and I always try 2 improve my self, and give out to the community, which is the organization. I enjoy the work and passionate about it, A hardworer and a quick-learner

My weaknesses : Is that I’m very hasty, always on a rush, I tend to do things fast, and expect fast results, doesn’t mean that I’m impatient, not at all. But my thoughts run quickly and I feel the need to go along. However, it isn’t an issue for me, because I’m working on it for some time now, and I definitely believe that I can overcome it.

My strength is my hard work, patience and my parents and faith in being good and gentle. I am basically self motivation in nature and I mostly never depend on others except in case of urgency. Of course, always having a smile on my face is my strength.

Coming to my weakness,I am a bit talkative. I easily forgive people. I always wanted to have a giving hand without expecting the given things in return.Thank you.

My strengths are positive attitude and hard working. My weaknesses are straight forward and emotional.

My strength is I am hard working, sincere and self motivating person. I eager to learn new things. I am adaptable/flexible in any kind of environment and my positive attitude towards any situations.

My weakness:We can learn any language with in few month course and can get command over it, But it requires lifetime “What not to Speak” and I’m trying to overcome on this.Thank you.
Strength : I could easily find a way in any difficulties that comes into my life especially in job related. Weakness : I never say no to the people who ask me for help if I have something that I can do.

My strengths are that am hard working, I have a positive attitude easy to communicate with and manage to keep smiling all the time. My weakness is am very emotional easily and am a bit shot tempered.

Strength – Always smiling, willingness and mingle with other people, easy to adopt any type of environment, and self motivated.

Weakness – I didn’t find out any weakness but when I will know about that I really like to do improvement on that.

My strengths are I am a good problem solver and my weakness are I get really distracted easily.

My strength is hardworking because I believe that labour never goes in vain and my weakness is my dedication towards any work annoys my friends sometimes.

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