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The 10 Acts That Annoy Recruiters Thinking Ability | annoying recruiters, recruiters are annoying,

The 10 Acts That Annoy Recruiters Thinking Ability

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It’s not just your words that are analyzed during a job interview. Recruiters also assess you on your attitude and how to hold you. And certain things have the gift to annoy. Here are the Top 10 acts that annoy recruiters Thinking ability.

 The Acts That Annoy Recruiters:

  1. A limp handshake

First contact between the candidate and the employer, the handshake sets the tone for the interview. It is already revealing a certain personality: shy, assured, pretentious or erased.

The ideal handshake is frank without being too intensely, damp with sweat or sticky hands would be unpleasant.

banal gesture but both capital, the handshake has even been the subject of scientific study. Follow the instructions of perfect handshake.

  1. Idly

A candidate sitting idly on the defensive. It is a sign of withdrawal and protection. It is not open to discussion. But a job interview, it is primarily an exchange.

10 actions that annoy recruiters “These actions are unacceptable, it is not the criteria, but above all an indication of your personality.”

  1. Hand Over Mouth

Talking with fingers on lips or hands in opposition to the mouth always will challenge the recruiter. This gesture reflects a certain contradiction. The candidate is first of all, probably lying or, at least, to hide the truth probably.

  1. Shifty eyes

All recruitment professionals will tell you: nothing worse than a candidate who shuns confrontation at him. It is not with the window or your shoes you go. This attitude may offend your interviewer, in addition to betraying a deep embarrassment.

Conversely, a fixed stare is not more popular. It reflects too pronounced insurance and reverse the balance of power, which has the gift to annoy recruiters.

  1. Frowning

Beware when you frown. This reflects that you are not in agreement with that expounded by your interlocutor. You question his words by using your value judgment. Because in some cases this criticism is seen, repeatedly, it may offend the recruiter.

Tired of reading? Below are the most important points you need to cope up with

Rest 5 Acts That Annoy Recruiters

  1. Elbows on the desk

In interview, the space for the applicant is limited to the chair on which he sits. Take it easy on the speaker’s office may shock. Even elbows do not have their place. “A candidate who settles and infringe on the personal space of the speaker is perceived as an invasive person and a little too confident.

  1. Chew some gum

Like the mobile phone, chewing gum is poorly perceived. Chewing or eating any food is disrespectful behavior. Be aware that this can destroy the best candidates. Some recruiters have especially horror.

  1. Using your mobile phone

The mobile phone has no reason to be turned on during an interview. You must be 100% available for your interlocutor. Nothing more annoying than answering a call in discussion. It is a lack of manners and the recruiter will not forgive you.

  1. Being slumped in his seat

How to sit up is perhaps the most revealing behavior for a human resources professional. There are a thousand and one sitting positions. These are the most appropriate:

  1. Stand tall
  2. Be seated in bottom of her chair
  3. Turn right in front
  4. Do not cross legs
  5. Place hands on thighs
  6. Forget curved positions, crooked, or slumped on the edge of the chair. They reflect all a casual attitude.
  1. All of Anxiety gestures

Seems like, a job interview is always stressful. Try to identify what actions usually betray your anxiety, you’ll be better able to avoid:

  1. Do not know where to put his hands
  2. Biting lips
  3. Playing with a pen
  4. Nibble item
  5. Tap the table or armrest
  6. Stomp
  7. Scratch
  8. Caressing the hair or thigh
  9. Do not panic !


As a Result, it is best to avoid all these gestures job interview, do not panic however if you frown or you notice have legs crossed. The profiles are not stereotyped. Finally, because these are not prohibitive, except perhaps chewing gum and the mobile phone. Hence these are not the selection criteria but first indications of your personality.

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