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Are You Willing To Relocate or Travel

Are You Willing To Relocate or Travel

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What should i say when Hr Asks Are you willing to relocate or travel, what exactly my answer should be for this question Are you willing to relocate or travel ?

Relocating is not an issue. In the event that I feel solace I can work all over the place.
I like traveling. I am fresher. My age is 36 years. I need visiting employment all over India or abroad. I have an international ID too.
Yes sir. There is no issue with the relocation. A few times relocation will be a piece of our voyage or employment. I am prepared to relocate as I am now to acknowledge the employment.
Yes obviously, I simply love to travel a ton in new places. With regards to visit new place, its a major yes from me. I simply love to make new companions, to visit new place, to investigate delightful territories.
Driven individual constantly prepared to move or relocate anyplace in this world and I think I will be in this class.
Yes sir! I might want to relocate by that I will come to know the way of life of different states their dialects and we ought to instill to relocate and change for that circumstances this may help us to manufacture our capacities and aptitudes.
I think relocation isn’t an issue. However, I would love to work in Bangalore as its a quickly developing city. Indeed, even Obama told Americans in one of his addresses, “Be careful with Bangalore”.
I’m re locate or travel anyplace in India on the grounds that it provides for us to know colossal new things, what we don’t know and it gives upto know specialized learning.
Yes, I cherish traveling entire over India. It upgrade the aptitudes of a man working in diverse environment. It offers in associating with obscure some assistance with peopling and build our experience.
In the event that it is required, I can do that I will see which put you are putting forth to me and on the off chance that it is advantageous to me and my family I will advance.
Yes, Mam. 
I willing to relocate or travel anyplace of India in light of the fact that it give us new environment which can help us to fabricate our vocation and this is a way where the competitor can upgrade your specialized learning capacity and in addition connecting with new individuals likewise permit to work with new experienced individuals. 
So I’m generally prepared for this. 
Much obliged to you Mam. 
Yes Sir I am constantly prepared to relocate in light of the fact that it would learn new things as I need to manufacture my vocation and in addition my insight alongside the interfacing new individuals and new culture.

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