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5 common mistakes that can ruin your job interview as you see a job offer

5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Job Interview

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5 common mistakes that can ruin your job interview so you need to be very careful as you see a job offer and Instantly, you know it’s the perfect job for you! Your qualifications match, it offers career opportunities, the company pleases you, and you know you can make it a great value. In short, it is the job of your dreams!

So you do apply.  And you cross your fingers Bingo! You pick a date and you feel ready.

But are you really ready for the interview and avoid silly mistakes in it?

Before leaving for the interview, take the time to prepare properly to avoid some small pitfalls that can come between you and your dream job. Get an interview is difficult. But this is only part of the way. Do not ruin everything with easily avoidable mistakes.

What are the 5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Job Interview? and to avoid for a successful job interview?

Discover them through the 5 questions that your interviewer should never ask during your interview.

How are you dressed?

It may be spring. But this is not a reason to stand in a shirt. Nor summer is due to appear in shorts.

Certainly, it is much more comfortable. But still, you’ve to be very careful while dressing up for an interview to avoid silly mistakes.

You necessarily know the saying “Dressing(Clothes) do not make the man.” Well, during a job interview, this proverb is false. The clothes make the man! Wearing the wrong clothes can disqualify you very quickly. Before opening your mouth.

Studies have proved that first impressions are made during the first 7 to 17 seconds. In 7 seconds, the caller will have spent your outfit review. And it will be made an idea of the person behind. This is why it is imperative to dress properly and professionally. Free to have an outfit that seems a little too conservative. But this is not the time for a fashion show.

Even if the work environment is the T-shirt kind costume, during the interview, the suit will save you.

Always Do Remember: the clothes make the man.

Why are you late ?

Arriving late to your interview can be immediate grounds for dismissal. Before hiring! Your contact person takes time out of his busy schedule to receive you. Be respectful of it: take the margin so as not to be late.

You might feel that you do not need extra time. But the unexpected abound. You could get lost or be stuck in traffic or transit problem. It is better to be early than late to your job interview.

However, even if you arrive well in advance, do not show up right away. Instead, wait outside. And introduce yourself with only 5 minutes early. It is enough to point out that you are serious, professional, and respectful.

Is it your phone ringing now?

During your interview, there is nothing more important than maintenance. Nothing. Everything can wait until you go out in. So remember to turn off your phone before entering the meeting.

I have written, “switch off your phone.” And not just “put your phone on vibrate mode.”

You must disable or off. Even vibrate mode is not acceptable. Why ? Because the simple slight noise of its vibration can be heard and hinder maintenance. At best, you’ll be the only one embarrassed. But it may be enough to throw you off and make you miss the opportunity to stand out from other applicants.

You’re not popular enough for your phone/cell on. Turn it off!

You really know nothing about the company?

One of the most common mistakes during an interview and one of the easiest to avoid is to admit not knowing anything about the company.

So ? What are you doing here?  Is a question you should never ask your interviewer.

Before going in the few days before, take the time to do some research on the company.

Start at the company’s website, then go to the media and journals. Discover their products and services, its size, its location, its relevance, its patrons, its corporate culture, etc…

Whatever you do, do not go to the interview without you about the company.

What you said about your former employer?

Maybe your last job was terrible. Your boss was tyrannical. Your colleagues were more unpleasant than each other. The job was uninteresting. The food was awful.

We all more or less known that, at different levels, and we can all understand. But these stories are telling with friends over a good glass. Not during an interview for a new position.

You might think that disparage your previous job is a good tactic to why you were fired or why you want to change. Unfortunately, this is not really a good idea. Your contacts might think that if you are willing to disparage your former employer, you are also capable of such bad attitudes in your new position.

Choose the discretion instead of confession. While this is partly false, try turning your past experiences positively. Explain what you will have learned and what your responsibilities were, rather than how much you hated it.


  1. A job interview can be stressful. Which can lead to small errors that add up to big problems?
  2. Put the odds on your side: do you need to prepare your job interview and avoid common mistakes. Including those mentioned in this article.
  3. And you’ll be on your way to get the job of your dreams!
  4. And you ? What advice would you give for a successful job interview?
  5. Here you’ll be able to know how to prepare for an interview.

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